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Meet David Torres – Galapagos Naturalist Guide flying in from Ecuador


David is, among many things, a Galapagos Naturalist Guide, and the Marketing Manager for EcoAndes Travel a tour company in South America. With his 24 years of age, he has travelled to over 40 countries, lived in many places and has many goals in his life including being a positive influence on his generation.
At the Experience Your Life Expo, David will be making a very special presentation at 11:00 a.m. on his thoughts on Climate Change from the perspective of marine life, on how everyday actions can turn into positive changes in an environment, and about how we should all learn to face the trials life gives us with the strength of knowledge. In his booth, you can learn about how tourism can push forward with cultural and ecological development, and about how you can take advantage of your passions and dreams to aim higher.


Born out of a family that has travel and adventures in their DNA, David is very keen on both, and realizes the value of travel. He is very passionate about photography, travel, sports (in particular climbing, mountaineering, biking and hiking), but most of all nature and people. He enjoys communicating and learning new perspectives on all ways of live. From farmers in the mountains of Nepal, to salt miners in Bolivia, David enjoys gathering perspectives and ideas.


David graduated from IMC Krems, Austria with a B.A. in Tourism and Leisure Management in 2014, and for the last 5 months lived in the Galapagos Islands, taking part in a course to become a Galapagos Naturalist Guide, by having in depth learning about the natural world, state of the art scientific studies and most of all absorbing an entirely different way of life in “Darwin’s Laboratory”.


David is very happy to be at the Experience Your Life Expo for the second year in a row to be with other passionate minds!

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